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*Telemedicine is now available for all services. Please click on the "Contact" tab above for the best way to inquire about services. Support group for specific coping strategies during the pandemic is available as well as individual sessions or couple/family sessions.


Dr. Denise Morett is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years experience treating patients with traditional and complimentary medicine approaches.

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Best Selling Author of LIFELINE

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In Lifeline, Dr. Denise Morett provides validation and support along with tools and strategies on how to cope with a child’s life threatening illness. Denise Morett, Psy. D., is a psychologist with over 30 years of experience treating individuals and families, including those with a family member facing serious or
life-threatening medical issues. Dr. Morett found herself in those exact circumstances when her son was diagnosed with a very rare, life-threatening illness. Driven by her own search for supportive resources, Dr. Morett provides ways to cope with one of the most challenging circumstances a parent can encounter.

Have you experienced anxiety, depression, trauma,
loss, or school, work and/or relationship issues?

Do you want to truly heal and shift your life and challenging repetitive patterns? Have you tried methods of therapy, medication and other assorted methods of change?


Maybe you’ve never worked with a therapist or coach. Change and healing is very possible and easier than we often think. I offer that help and true shift that supports lasting permanent change to clear out old issues, cope and manage the present day, and leverage resiliency for the future. Establish well-being and happiness for lifelong physical and emotional health now.

I offer traditional as well as comprehensive and newer cutting edge strategies and approaches to truly and deeply changing the source of struggle and unease. We will do what works specifically tailored to you. I’ll address any and all levels of biology, psychology and social/spiritual function that are effective routes of lifelong healing and resolution. 

Immediate relief and lifelong change is so very possible. You do not have to be stuck suffering. Permanent change and healing is a call away and not as far off as you may have believed. Working with the right strategies to deeply and quickly heal makes your life and you better now. Reach out for you and for your quality of physical and emotional health.

Lifeline: A Parent’s Guide to Coping with a Child’s Serious or Life-Threatening Medical Issue should be in the hands of every parent who is going through the unthinkable–their child’s health crisis.
                                                 - Christiane Northrup, M.D.

                                                   New York Times Bestselling Author

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